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Know the Difference between Normal Moles and Cancer

Each person has about 10-40 moles on his body. Moles are generally not dangerous, but moles that have color, size, or abnormal shape can be an early sign of skin cancer. The skin has dye-producing cells (pigments) called melanocyte cells. When these melanocyte cells grow close together, a mole forms. Melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer and is now quite common, occurs when melanocyte cells grow out of control. In its early stages, melanoma can be difficult to distinguish from normal moles. Difference Between Normal Moles and Melanoma Although sometimes it can look similar, normal moles and melanoma skin cancer have some differences. This difference can be seen from: 1. Size or diameter Normal moles are usually less than 5 millimeters in size. If there is a mole larger than 6 millimeters, then the mole needs to be aware of. 2. Form Normal moles are usually oval or round in shape. If you pay attention, the mole looks symmetrical. In skin cancer, moles are us
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Symptoms and Treatment of Drug Poisoning in Children

Whether we realize it or not, we often put drugs in vain, and children can accidentally drink it without the knowledge of adults. This can cause children to experience drug poisoning. Check out the following reviews so that you can deal with child poisoning drugs properly. Most cases of poisoning in children occur when a child swallows medication accidentally at home, and this usually occurs in children aged 1-4 years. Based on research, drugs are still one of the most common causes of child poisoning, in addition to detergents, insecticides, soap or shampoo, alcohol, silica gel, kerosene, and camphor / camphor. Drugs that often cause poisoning in children are fever or painkillers, cold cough medicines, antihistamines, antibiotics, and multivitamins. Symptoms of Drug Poisoning in Children In general, symptoms of drug poisoning in children are very diverse. This is influenced by what type of drug the child swallowed, the amount of drug ingested, length of time the drug works, and

Caring for Baby's Skin Is Not as Difficult as Mother Imagines, Here's How

Baby's skin that is soft and sensitive requires different treatment from adult skin care. The key to baby's skin care is to avoid using too many products with content that is too heavy. After Little was born, Mother received a variety of gifts, including various baby skin care products. Ranging from soap, lotion, powder, oil, to cream. Should everything be used to maintain the health of the baby's skin? The simpler the better Actually caring for a baby's skin does not need to eat as much time, energy, let alone money, as expected. Instead the baby's skin will be more awake with more simple care. Come, see the following baby skin care tips: No need to take a shower every day Contrary to the bathing habits that we generally know, bathing babies actually doesn't need to be done every day, Bun. Especially newborns, only need to shower at least three times a week. If you bathe too often, your baby's skin can dry out quickly. Every day, just clean the par